Participants are needed for the Take Charge of Burn Pain Study

The Phoenix Society is working with the Johns Hopkins Regional Burn Center to improve the lives of persons with burn injuries.  As part of this effort, we are working together to develop and test a new program to help burn survivors manage their pain.

Take Charge of Burn Pain is a computer based, online program to help manage pain following a burn injury.  We are looking for burn survivors to participate in this Johns Hopkins’ research project. Please consider helping us. 

You are eligible if you are over 18 – 70 years old, are more than 6 months post hospitalization for your burn injury and have burn related pain. If you agree to participate in the project you will complete an online assessment about your pain, how you are doing, and 7 online lessons at the Take Charge of Burn Pain website.

Complete the same online assessment at 2 months and 5 months

If you participate in the study you will receive $50 after completing all 7 online lessons, $50 for answering questions at 2 months and $50 for answering the same questions at 5 months. You will also help us learn more about how to aid others in their recovery.

Please provide your contact information and we will call you, answer your questions and if you decide to participate, provide you with a password to get you started.